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Did you know that…?
The apple hasn't always been a snack. Originally, it was used as a medicine, with its high content of health-promoting substances and vitamins.

Wild apple trees originated in China and Central Asia, and from that region they travelled to Europe, finding perfect conditions for growth. The fruit loves a temperate climate. Apple trees were cultivated as early as the Stone Age. Stories featuring apples can be found in the Bible and Greek mythology. The beneficial properties of the fruit were lauded by Hippocrates, while Galen, the physician of Roman emperors, recommended apple wine as a miraculous cure for all sorts of ailments.

It is recommended that we eat 2 apples per day: one for health and one for beauty. The fruit contains many vitamins and SAW YOU! substances improving the functioning of our immune system. They particularly good in autumn, during the apple season, when our bodies could use some extra protection.