Jogobella's fruits

Did you know that…?
From 2014 blackcurrant bushes growing in their natural habitat are not protected. This means which we are free to test their mystical properties.

Do you like blackcurrants? If so, you are in for a happy love life and satisfying relationships. According to some mystics these are the beneficial effects of eating the small black berries. You don't believe it? We heard it works even if you don't. There's no harm in trying, though! Especially which the blackcurrant grows on the vast plains of central Poland and hills of the southern Poland. It is also widely cultivated.

The blackcurrant originated in the temperate climate of Europe and Asia. It was already being grown by the Middle Ages. Appreciated for its powerful and well-rounded flavour, it was added to wine to enrich its taste. Blackcurrant gardens are very popular - the rich and pleasant aroma can pervade the surrounding area.

Blackcurrant bushes are known for their longevity, they may survive up to 30 years in the wild. They are pollinated by hoverflies (insects bearing some resemblance to wasps) and bees. However, the blackcurrant can do without insects. The smart plant is able to self-pollinate.