Jogobella's fruits

Did you know that…?
Exotic fruit
"Oranges" - that's what the Polish people most often answer when asked about things they associate with Christmas.

A temptation of colours, shapes and flavours, exotic fruit makes market stalls look like paintings and catch our eye. Poland is still new to year-round access to the luscious pineapples, peaches and oranges. So let's enjoy them! Exotic fruits make us happy in two ways. First, with their taste. It has been scientifically proven that eating mouth-watering, juicy and sweet fruit boosts our mood. Secondly, with their "story-telling" quality. Research shows that eating exotic fruit makes us feel as if we were on exotic travels. You thought you were eating a pineapple while in reality you were visiting Brazil!

Tropical fruits have more vitamins than fruits grown in Poland. They contain fibre and enzymes which help the digestion. They have a lot of water, so they quench thirst, and detoxicate and hydrate the body. In short, they are a perfect addition to a balanced diet. Due to the high vitamin-C content, they are widely used in the beauty industry, for example to reduce blemishes.

Exotic fruits came to Poland from the furthest corners of the world. Due to our climate, their commercial cultivation is not possible, but we can grow most of them at home. It is a challenging task, suitable only for the most determined and patient, as, for example, to enjoy a pineapple, one has to wait as long as 18 months.