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Wild strawberry
Wild strawberries were first appreciated in Russia when Tsar Alexander I of Russia started cultivating them in his garden on the outskirts of Moscow.

Mouth-watering, aromatic wild strawberries are among some of the most-luxurious fruits in the world.

They are very capricious and sensitive to changing weather. They quickly overripe, which is why Jogobella does everything possible to preserve their flavour.

The fruit has been known for thousands of years - wild-strawberry paintings are found in ancient caves. Wild strawberries were mentioned by both Virgil and Ovid, and were a symbol of Pomona, a goddess of gardens and fruit trees.

The wild strawberry was first cultivated in Europe in the late Middle Ages. It quickly conquered the palates of European kings, becoming a favourite fruit of the English people, who already by the 16th Century were cultivating three of its variations: green, red and white.

The wild strawberry has many nutrients and vitamins, and boost the immunity of the body. Fresh fruits have many sugar compounds, carotenoids, organic acids, including salicylic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). They also contain anthocyanins (e.g. fragarine) and many mineral salts.